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Type 4 Flex cables are green and fitted with a centre positive 5,5/2,5mm DC plug.



Standard Flex Cable Type 4080 (80cm)

Color: Black
  • This Flex cable type is nowdays mainly used to power all Eventide Factor and H9 pedals and is widely used for many AC pedals. This Flex cable is available with angled (L-shaped) plug in three lengths 30, 50 or 80cm.

    The applications we know are the following pedals:

    • all Eventide Factor and H9 pedals
    • big older 4-button modeling Line 6 pedals (DL4, DM4, MM4, AM4 and FM4)
    • older Electro-Harmonix pedals which need 18, 24 or 40V
    • DigiTech Whammy (the first original and 4th edition) *
    • DigiTech Talker, original JamMan *
    • DigiTech JamMan stereo original ones, later versions are DC and for type 1 Flex (BOSS standard) *
    • DigiTech Delay, TimeBender, HarmonyMan, Expression Factory, Space Station *
    • VoodooLab Control Switcher
    • M9 and M13 modelers from Line 6
    • Boomerang Phrase Sampler or Chorus Delay
    • FoxRox Captain Coconut
    • Rocktron All Access MIDI controller
    • many pedals from say H&K, Mesa Boogie, Yamaha which should be powered with AC *

    * For AC pedals polarity doesn’t matter! There’s nothing like a DC or AC cable. Power cables just have a negative or positive polarity which in case of alternating current doesn’t matter. If your black Flex cable doesn’t fit into your AC pedal’s socket you should use the green one which is for the larger 2,5mm pin. Minimum one green Flex cable is included with all our power supplies except the Adam link. You can also get a yellow type 3 Flex cable for your AC pedal and have the green ones to power your Eventides

  • All orders received no later than 5:00 PM Eastern Time will require one full business day for processing and packing at our warehouse before shipping. 

    Please note that orders are shipped and delivered on business days only (this excludes weekends and holidays).

    We only ship domestically within the United States and shipping times could vary due to inclement weather. 

    Return Policy

    CIOKS will accept returns of new items that are unworn, unaltered, and free of damage. For a full refund please return the item within 14 days from the receipt of the original order.


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